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About the Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium

student intern with healthcare worker in hospital settingMission

The Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium convenes employers, educators, labor, and workforce system partners to promote healthcare related education and training opportunities for job seekers and current employees that are efficient, effective, and align with industry needs.


The Greater Boston area has an efficient and effective system where job seekers and incumbent employees are successfully connecting to quality, career-oriented positions at the end of training and employers are finding and developing the skilled workforce that they need to meet their vacancies, adapt to industry demands, and provide the highest quality, compassionate, culturally competent care.


  • Cross-sector sharing on best practices and changes in healthcare delivery, education, and workforce systems
  • Better connect healthcare employer need and workforce supply in the Metro Boston area
  • Identifying, collecting, sharing, and using reliable data to inform system development
  • Generating resources to support this community of practice, as well as providing information about the sector to support more strategic targeting of funds for future projects
  • Informing and engaging new allies to our work

Values Statement

The Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium and its members are committed to:

  • Quality jobs that pay a living wage, offer benefits, and promote opportunities for advancement in career pathways.
  • Training programs that prepare job seekers for in-demand jobs in an efficient manner that respects the job seeker’s time and finances.
  • A diverse healthcare workforce reflective of the population in the City of Boston.
  • Better information for job seekers to navigate across Boston’s healthcare workforce